L.O.P.E. Texas Benefit Horse Show

November 14th, 2020 @ Scissortail Hill

A fun relaxed but COVID cautious schooling show to raise funds and awareness for Austin's own L.O.P.E. Texas racehorse rescue. Enjoy our wide variety of classes spread over our beautiful 50 acre property with all proceeds (minus the office fee) going directly to help care for the rescue and war horses at LOPE. This year we will be hosting some classes virtually (send in a link to a Facebook/YouTube video) and others physically on November 14th. Click here to learn more about LOPE and their wonderful programs and horses.





Dressage Suitability Rail Classes - $20 each (in person) – Flat rail classes judging the horse and riders suitability for Dressage. Judge: TBA

English W/T

English W/T/C

Western W/T

Western W/T/C

Dressage Tests - $20 each (virtual entry) – Send us a video link (Facebook/YouTube) of your Dressage test (filmed in high resolution from C, centering the rider and zooming when possible) for our judge to look at. Get your tests with comments back along with ribbons. Judge: TBA

ALL tests including Intro, Training, 1st & 2nd Level, Western, and all others.

Obstacle Trail Classes - $20 each – Three different patterns which will include such obstacles as bridges, boxes, noodles, cones, poles, flags, noise makers, curtains, and more. Cowboy Obstacles focuses on bravery, and surefootedness. Handy Obstacles focuses on different speeds, negotiation of obstacles, and steering. The Horsemanship Challenge will be a pattern of daily tasks all riding horses should be able to handle that everyone can execute at home. Judge: Becky Luna

Novice Cowboy Obstacles (in person)

Advanced Cowboy Obstacles (in person)

Novice Handy Obstacles (in person)

Advanced Handy Obstacles (in person)

Novice Horsemanship Challenge (virtual entry)

Advanced Horsemanship Challenge (virtual entry)

In Hand Horsemanship Classes - $20 each - Three different patterns. Obstacle Trail focuses on bravery, manners, and surefootedness (may include bridges, boxes, noodles, cones, poles, flags, noise makers, curtains). Horsemanship focuses on different speeds, and handling/steering. The In Hand Horsemanship Challenge will be a pattern of daily tasks all horses should be able to handle that everyone can execute at home. Judge: Becky Luna

Obstacle Trail Course (in person)

Horsemanship Pattern (virtual entry)

In Hand Horsemanship Challenge (virtual entry)

Jumper Classes - $20 each (in person)

Pile of Poles (Power&Speed/Optimum)

Crossrails (Power&Speed/Optimum)

2' (Power&Speed/Optimum)

2'3" (Power&Speed/Time 1st JumpOff)

2'6" (Power&Speed/Time 1st JumpOff)

2'9" (Power&Speed/Time 1st JumpOff)

3' (Power&Speed/Time 1st JumpOff)

3'3" (Power&Speed/Time 1st JumpOff)

3'6" (Power&Speed/Time 1st JumpOff)

Hunter Classes - $20 each (in person) Judge: TBA

POP (Hunter, Hunter Under Saddle, EQ Over Fences, EQ On The Flat)

XR (Hunter, Hunter Under Saddle, EQ Over Fences, EQ On The Flat)

2' (Hunter, Hunter Under Saddle, EQ Over Fences, EQ On The Flat)

2'3" (Hunter, Hunter Under Saddle, EQ Over Fences, EQ On The Flat)

2'6" (Hunter, Hunter Under Saddle, EQ Over Fences, EQ On The Flat)

2'9" (Hunter, Hunter Under Saddle, EQ Over Fences, EQ On The Flat)

Special Awards

Best Turnout (virtual photo entry)

Exemplary Horsemanship (all entries)

Rider's First Show (all entries)

Horse's First Show (all entries)

Race Horse (any breed, all entries)

Rescue Horse (any rescue & breed, all entries)

Overall High Point Youth Rider

Overall High Point Adult Rider

Overall High Point Master Rider

Highest Dressage Score of Show

Obstacles Trail High Point

In Hand Horsemanship High Point

Performance Class High Point

POP - 3'6" Champions

(Combining Hunters & Jumpers)

Eventing Stadium/XC Derby $50 (in person) – Rare and fun Derby variety with both jumping rounds, first Stadium (faults only) and then cross country (optimum time). 

Novice - 2'11”

Beginner Novice - 2'7”

Goldilocks - 2'4”

Green As Grass - 2'

Baby - 18”


Pair Paces - $20 per rider (in person) - Ride over our cross country course with a buddy or trainer. Based on Optimum Time. Two per team. Trainers ride for free.

Beginner Novice - PP

Goldilocks - PP

Green As Grass - PP

Baby - PP


Lead Line (in person)


Performance Classes - $20 each (virtual entry) - Most years we offer these classes to Western riders only but with our virtual format we would like to open them to riders with all kinds of tack. Our judge will give feedback based on proper riding techniques, style, transitions, geometry, pattern presentation, and pattern accuracy. Horsemanship I & II will cover basic riding skills. Discipline Pattern will mimic “Discipline Rail” classes with more advanced maneuvers such as lateral moves and speed alterations. The Riding Pattern will mimic “Western Riding” classes which focus on direction changes and poles. Each pattern will contain information about videographer location and expectations. Send us a video link (Facebook/YouTube) of your pattern for our judge.

Judge: Melissa Jesurun 

Horsemanship I Pattern W/T

Horsemanship I Pattern W/T/L

Horsemanship II Pattern W/T

Horsemanship II Pattern W/T/L

Discipline Pattern W/T

Discipline Pattern W/T/L

Riding Pattern W/T

Riding Pattern W/T/L

Pre-Registration Required. Use the above online entry form. Due to COVID closing date is MIDNIGHT Tuesday November 10th, FOR ALL CLASSES including Hunters and Jumpers. For virtual entries videos are due November 23rd, preferably earlier. Upload files to YouTube or Facebook in high resolution and send us the link, preferably with your registration form. If for some reason you need other video uploading options contact us. Every rider will be charged one Office Fee of $10, this helps management cover costs of COVID safety procedures at the in person show and delivery costs of ribbons for riders who show completely virtually. Payments are required for all entries. We can accept checks written to "Scissortail" sent to our address (found right below this paragraph) or PayPal payments to our scissortailhillequestrian@gmail.com account. 


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